EquiALT Real Estate Investing Based On Experience

EquiAlt Overview

  • We understand that there are several strategies and goals in the area of Real Estate investing. Based on our experience, we offer education and offerings that are truly investment grade. Available products for investors range from totally passive to the traditional active.


  • EquiAlt researches, acquires and manages opportunistic and distressed Real Estate assets for the income and equity.


  • EquiAlt’s management has  directly acquired over $345 million and liquidated over $450 million in distressed Real Estate since 2008.  EquiAlt and it’s funds are 100% debt free and never leverage an asset(s).

Historical Performance

Equialt Has NEVER Lost Investor Dollars Since Inception:

  • Returns are fixed to your individual investment so you know what to expect for your portfolio.
  • Several versions are offered based on your needs and suitability.
  • Directly acquired over $345 million and liquidated over $450 million in distressed Real Estate since 2008.
  • Successfully completed over 3000 transactions.


Who can invest with EquiAlt Secured Real Estate Income Fund?

EquiAlt's investors must be one of the following

  • 1.  Accredited, means they have a net worth of $1mm+ not including  a personal residence OR one of the following: $200k Individual income or $300k  family income.

    2. Qualified,  means the client has a net worth of $250k+ excluding personal  residence.

    3. Suitable or  sophisticated investor, means the  client should only lend or invest if the client has proper liquidity, has the  temperament and ability to understand and suffer possible losses and is a  sophisticated investor. A key understanding to this group is that, Past performance is not an  indicator of Future performance.

    All investments and or  loans involve have a degree of risk including the possible total loss of all  capital.

Is my investment with EquiAlt Secured Real Estate Income Fund secure?

  • The EquiAlt Secured Real Estate Income Fund is structured so that the investor is protected even if anything were to happen to EquiAlt or its operating partner. One of the benefits of ownership in real estate is that the investment is in a brick and mortar asset, not a financial derivative that is subject to the whims of the stock or bond markets.

Can I use my 401k / IRA retirement account to invest into the Fund?

  • Yes, an investor's funds can be rolled over from a 401k or IRA at another custodian into a self-directed retirement account that is invested into EquiAlt Fund LLC. The rollover process is simple and the money is transferred to the self-directed IRA account and then invested into EquiAlt Fund LLC. When handled properly, these rollovers are tax-deferred or tax-free.

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