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“Clean Energy”

Propane is not an unfamiliar energy source. It is reliable and just as capable as any other substitute energy source. 

What most investors don’t know is how the propane industry is projected to surpass all other alternative fuels and clean energy sources within the next few decades. This is due to its practical applications, growing supply and demand on a global scale, and its political support as a clean alternative fuel. 

There are not many opportunities to invest in an energy source that has daily demand and consumption on the rise, with certainty and confidence.


The Plan...SoCal Propane is a newly formed propane company in southern California with advantages in location, experience, public goodwill, and management. The purpose of the investment offering is to grow SCP, to bypass small U.S. firms, compete as a large firm, and be a leading supplier of propane globally. 

Success of the investment opportunity will grow SoCal Propane with three simple steps that include bulk storage, market expansion, and by securing and controlling supply.

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SoCal Propane LLC

Andrew F. Kotyuk 

Managing Member & Chief Executive Officer



“Accredited Investor”

The prospective purchaser is an “Accredited Investor”, with special approval there may available spaces for suitable investors.